Namaste and welcome to Sejal Apothecary!

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I’m Prerna Sejal, Herbalist. So glad to have you here.  I’ve been teaching, holding workshops (in person as well as online), doing consultations and customizing herbal products (herbal tea, flower essence, some tinctures, flower oil, aroma sprays and flower steam). I customize herbal products according to consultations. 

Plants and Flowers are our wise teachers and healers on earth. When you choose to walk the path of healing with flowers, you choose to empower yourself. Plants and flowers are people’s medicine. It’s available for everyone and within everyone’s reach. Trusting over plants is allowing your body and soul to heal naturally. 

We each have our own body type and constitution. Each of us are unique individual and so are the plants and flowers.  When we match our body with the right herbs and herbal treatments, we create a space for healing. I offer online or in-person Consultation where I do either Herbal/ Body Energetics Consultation or Flower Therapy Consultations. We can do over skype, at my home apothecary or Karma coffee (Jhamsikhel or Boudha). To book an appointment with me, simply fill up this Appointment Form and in the comment section please note if you’d like to do online or in person session and any health or wellness concern.

If you simply have a question about certain herb or healing method then you can email me at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com or write to me here.

Since I also do conduct workshops time after time, if you’d like me to come and do a workshop then feel free to write to me at sejalapothecary@gmail.com

Here are some of the pictures from both online and in person workshops. Some Herbal/Flower Workshops Glimpses Online & In Person

If you’d like to take an online Video course then please go to link A Course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence. If you’d like to learn more about the course, how it can benefit you and why you should take it, then here’s a bit of explanation about the course in my new blog What is a Course on Flower Intuition & Flower Essence?

Choosing to walk with plant and flower therapy some years back has brought so much change in my life. I’ve learnt to love, accept and empower myself. My chronic pain, trauma and sadness has been healed. My life has been filled with wise lessons from earth’s magical realm of plants and flowers. This deep healing and understanding that I’ve got from plant and flower therapy is something that I want to offer back to the world. Plants and Flowers are the first healers of earth.

They understand, they can heal to the deepest root of a cause and bring  a soul awareness where you can love and accept yourself unconditionally, bring motivation and happiness in your life and help you to move forward in your life purpose on earth.

With love & peace



*I’m an Herbalist and I’m qualified to write, teach, give guidance on body constitutions/ energetics, herbs for body types, flower essence treatments and consultations and making of herbal supplements. I do not diagnose or treat a disease or illness. If you’re pregnant, nursing a baby or recently had surgeries then there are many contraindications to use of herbs except flower essence treatment. Please use discernment, research on your part and consult with your doctor when using herbal supplements whether you buy through me or from other places. 
**When I make herbal supplements, I try to grow the herbs using organic method or buy from organic local herb growers/ farms.
***I use sterilized bottles to hold herbs and herbal supplements. I label any product with expiry dates.
****In the website, I’ve used pictures of plants/flowers downloaded from Pexel/ Pixabay – a royalty free ‘licensed to use’ websites. If I’ve used from other sources from various photographers, then I ask their permission or give credit to their work. Most of the herbal supplements photos that are labeled belong to me or I’ve taken them myself.

Photos, content writing, audio, video clips from the website can-not be copied or downloaded from the website without the author’s permission. If some words or phrases are shared, then it should be credited back to the author.