Namaste and welcome to Sejal Apothecary 🙂 

My name is Prerna Sejal; herbalist, writer & nature lover. My connection with plants have come a very long way. Since young, I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature. I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal in a hustling city but just crossing little distance, one comes across groves of medicinal Himalayan plants. We have an air of medicinal plants from mountains of Nepal and Kathmandu being a valley is surrounded by mountains where we get plenty of refreshing air.

My inspiration to work with plants must have been passed down by my parents and maternal uncle (whom I grew up with). Both worked in environmental projects like tree plantation and conservation in many areas of Nepal like Charikot, Jiri, Ramchap. My father also was a Community forestry development officer with Swiss Development Corporation that time who would go to villages and communities to teach about edible plants and plant conservation. My mom is a clinical nurse practitioner since she was 18.

My journey into herbalism has been filled with teachers in many forms as well as various experiences. It was very inspiring for me when I lived with my friends in Bretagne, France in a stone house. They are descendants of Celtic lineage and I learnt a lot about medicinal herbs for everyday use as well as the spiritual aspect of life. We’d grow organic vegetables, ate medicinal herbs in our food, brewed medicinal meads and tisanes, sang around the fire, talked about moon cycles and nature spirits.

I moved to San Francisco east bay area to be with my family who had all migrated there in 2010. I was taken away by the quiet natural beauty of the bay area with small green hills and forests everywhere that reminded me of Nepal, pacific ocean in my lap where I could walk day and evening, lovely cottage houses that shows off California sun loving flowers and plants that blooms almost all year round. People in the area are also so open towards holistic lifestyle and incorporate natural living. I also learnt a lot about Native American herbs. 


I was quite inspired to take workshops and classes on holistic lifestyle like Reiki healing and herbal remedies. I took a formal coursework with flower energetics and making flower essences with Sara and David Crow (very profound herbalists) which opened a whole world of healing with flowers which has been one of my fondest memory of this deep connection with healing flowers.

Understanding healing nature of plants was like opening a treasure chest buried deep within the earth’s safest ground. Hence, I started my formal education with Herbal Academy with my teacher Marlene Adelman, very knowledgeable in the field of human anatomy and clinical applications of medicinal plants. After a year, I took a 3 years course with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine with my teacher Juliet Blankspoore. It’s a course on herbal medicine making, understanding the energetics of plants, human anatomy as well as growing medicinal herbs. My connection and love with plants deepened over the years of study and research. I was able to make my own medicinal farm and start an apothecary where I’d make herbal medicines in the form of herbal extracts for internal as well as external usage, conduct workshops in seasonal basis and do one to one consultations.

Now, it’s been some months I moved back to Nepal once again and living in Kathmandu with my husband whom I married a year ago. I do herbal workshops, consultations as well as make herbal products and supplements for body, mind & spirit healing and rejuvenation. 

What I’ve found out about plants are; we’re deeply interconnected with them. Our healing, happiness as well as our survival depends upon them. The wise plants teach us if we open ourselves to learn. Healing happens once we are open to their energy. Since a child, I learnt to listen and understand their energy. Their healing is not only on physical body but on our emotional and spiritual plane as well. 


Sejal Apothecary was created out of inherent desire to make plant and flower alchemy for everyday wellness & rejuvenation. I make herbal supplements in liquid extractions (by tinctures, glycerites, decoctions, infusion, tea), herbal syrups, salves, balms, infused oils, herbal baths, aroma spray,  and mists. All of the products that I use are with natural and organic herbs and ingredients only.  I don’t use that much essential oils unless it’s really for therapeutic, aroma and healing purpose such as in aroma sprays, some body oils & herbal baths. I try to buy ‘not-at-risk’ essential oils and from companies that does in fact, grow or harvest in sustainable manner and are in the process of planting and conserving the plants or trees they use in making essential oils.

I do not use artificial fragrances, chemicals and synthesize to make any herbal products or medicines.

Every opportunity has been a learning experience in my life from people to places, from pain to healing and life teachers I’ve met in many faces and experiences. Sejal Apothecary is a dedication to wellness, rejuvenation and healing.

Please feel free to browse through my blogs, herbal products, read through them to know more about their benefits. If you have any question or require consultation, then email me at: prernasej@outlook.com or, sejalapothecary@gmail.com . My number to call or text is 9849 511970.

Thank you.

Peace, love & good health,

Prerna Sejal

Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Writer, Reiki Practitioner

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