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Sejal Apothecary came as a result of numerous ongoing research and study on the field of herbalism and medicine making for years.

My name is Prerna Sejal (G). and I am an herbalist/ medicine woman, yogini and a writer. I’ve always been fascinated and felt a deep connection with nature, trees, water and plants since very young. My only solace would be nature where I’d find myself. I’ve always felt home in nature.

Getting into herbalism is a hard earned lesson in my life. I come from my family background of my father and maternal uncle working in environmental projects like saving forests, planting trees and conserving environment. So, I always had this strong affinity towards conserving trees. My dad is also an avid gardener with more hands on knowledge of plants and growing them and possess blessed green hands ! My mom is a clinical nurse practitioner since forever. I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal which is a hustling city nevertheless we have plenty of mountain air and walking just short distance up hill, you will come across groves of medicinal plants everywhere.

It was though not until I went to France in 2005 that I really got my taste of holistic living. I lived with my friends in a stone farm house in Bretagne where we grew organic vegetables, ate medicinal herbs in our food, brewed medicinal tisanes and talked about moon cycles and nature spirits.

After this lifelong experience of Bretagne, I lived in Paris for some years which was far from natural living. My migraines started increasing a lot. I had history of migraines and unpleasant experiences since adolescense. But as it increased a lot, I was completely being depended upon painkillers like Advil or Tylenol day and night. I would get uneasy feeling of chemicals and it’s effect in my body as I’ve always been a very sensitive person and not easy with something unnatural. Yet, it was hard for me to really quit these painkillers as the medicament is that, only when we take the pills on the first sign of migraine would the migraine go away otherwise, it could get to the point of chronic pain or migraine attack which could last for hours and I had days when I couldn’t even get up or walk or call anyone. Because of these frightful experiences, I’d quickly take pain medicine at the first sign of the pain or perceived pain and it would go away.

I moved to San Francisco bay area in 2010 to be near my family who had all migrated here by that time. The thing I loved about the bay area is how natural it is and holisitic health and natural living has been accepted and incorporated in everyday lives.

I started following my plant learnings and started to take medicinal plants in the form of tea or tisanes, incoroporated herbs in my cooking, started to take herbal supplements instead of conventional medicine and started doing yoga and meditation.  I started learning about nervine herbs and making herbal teas of chamomille, tulsi (holy basil), Rose, passionflower and started eating and drinking them. My migraine disappeared and I never have them in years now and it’s been years that I have not taken any painkillers or conventional medicines.

If I get headaches or flu, I treat myself with herbs and herbal medicines like tea, syrups, tinctures and flower essences and it goes away and the great thing about herbal medicines if taken regularly is, they treat the root cause of the problem like my migraine which completely disappeared. My internal immunity has increased and I get less sick. I try to cure or fight through sicknesses like cold, flus, headaches when they come with herbal medicines and it has worked wonderfully. I don’t get side effects and I feel very good energy and high vibration which are the energetic of plants and flowers. It’s the same like you’re in nature all revived, refreshed and happy. In these past couple of years, while working and researching on my own with medicinal plants, I also got my formal training on herbalism, anatomy and botany from Herbal Acadmey and I did my detailed coursework on the energetic of flower essences and preparations from Sara Crow, LLC Floracoepia. As it’s an ongoing learning process, I’m still on my journey to Herbal Medicine Making from Chestnut School of Medicine Making.

I make herbal supplements in the form of tinctures, glycerites, capsules, pills, syrups, salves, infused oils, aroma spray, lip balm, hand soap and mists. All of the products that I use are 100% natural, 90% certified organic products which I buy mostly from mountainroseherbs, an amazing sustainable organic producers of all things natural. I do not use artificial fragrances, chemicals and synthesize to make any herbal products or medicines.




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