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Hi, welcome to Sejal Apothecary!

My name is Prerna Gurung. Some call me Peru, Sejal or Sej which can be my numerous calling names. I’m the face behind S.A, a small batch organic handcrafted herbal apothecary. I’m an Herbalist, writer & Reiki practitioner. Since I was a child, I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature (trees, water, plants, birds). It was like I could be in nature and a new world would open for me and I could speak and understand her language. 

I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal which is a hustling city nevertheless we have plenty of mountain air and walking just short distance up hill, you will come across groves of medicinal plants everywhere. My dad and maternal uncle (whom I grew up with) used to work in environmental projects like tree plantation and conservation. My father was also a forestry development officer as well as community plant protector/teacher. So, I always had this strong affinity and love towards trees & green living. My dad is also an avid gardener with more hands on knowledge of plants and growing them with blessed green hands ! My mom is a clinical nurse practitioner since forever.

My first job ever as a business student was with my boss who was an environment conservationist. I was taught abc of doing business not as my management college but by protecting environment, giving back to community and reusing/recycling everything. Every morning, I would be taught values of sustainable business and now I see the sense of why the Universe always helped me meet my green teachers from home to business world.

It was though not until I went to France that I really got into Herbalism as a way of life. I met and lived with my friends in a traditional stone farm house in Bretagne who are descendants of Celtic lineage. We’d grow organic vegetables, ate medicinal herbs in our food (they’d know which was did what), brewed medicinal tisanes, sang around the fire and talked about moon cycles and nature spirits like it was the next 15th century normal thing 🙂

In 2010 I moved to San Francisco bay area to be near my family who had all migrated  here due to ongoing civil war in my country for many years. I was taken away by the natural quiet beauty of the bay area with small green hills and forests everywhere that reminds me of Nepal, pacific ocean where I can walk day and night, lovely cottage houses everywhere that showed off with California sun loving flowers and plants that blooms almost all year round. I also love the fact that people in bay area is so open towards holistic lifestyle and incorporates natural living versus what I’d seen in many places.

Since 2016, I walked the path of healing with plants and flowers due to my own quest for healing and perhaps a discontent with corporate life. Surprisingly, little by little plants helped me in my own healing and rejuvenation. Inspired by the healing nature of plant, I started my formal training by taking courses and researching on my own with medicinal plants. I did my detailed coursework on the energetic of flower essences and preparations from Sara and David Crow, Floracoepia. I also studied Herbalism, anatomy and botany from Herbal Acadmey. As it’s an ongoing learning process, I’m still on my journey to Herbal Science and Medicine Making from Chestnut School of Medicine Making. Sejal Apothecary came as a result of numerous ongoing research and study on the field of herbalism and medicine making for years.

I make herbal supplements in liquid extractions (by tinctures, glycerites, decoctions, infusion, tea), herbal syrups, salves, balms, infused oils, herbal baths, aroma spray,  and mists. All of the products that I use are 100% natural, 90% certified organic products which I buy mostly from mountainroseherbs, Frontier co-orp, amazing sustainable organic producers of all things natural. I don’t use that much essential oils unless it’s really for therapeutic and healing purpose. I try to buy ‘not-at-risk’ essential oils and from companies that does in fact, grow or harvest in sustainable manner and are in the process of planting, regrowing and conserving the plants or trees they use in making essential oils.

I do not use artificial fragrances, chemicals and synthesize to make any herbal products or medicines.

Every opportunity has been a learning experience in my life from people to places, from pain to healing. Sejal Apothecary is not a brick and mortar company but a dedication to wellness, rejuvenation and healing with nature and natural remedies.

Please feel free to browse through the herbal products, read through them to know more about their benefits. You can also read my blogs to understand more about herbalism and interconnection of body, mind & spirit with plant medicine. If you have questions and require consultation, then email me at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com

Thank you,

Prerna Sejal




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