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I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m Prerna Sejal, Flower Therapist, Herbalist, Writer & a devout nature lover. I also love to read a lot 🙂


I grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal~ in a city life but I’ve forever been enchanted with nature, forests and flowers. I’d imagine fairies living on top of the trees. I grew up like most of the kids and did my bachelor’s degree in Business and Management. My family later moved to United States where I also worked for many years in corporate world in San Francisco bay area, California. I also lived for four years in Paris, France~ the most romantic & charming city in the world in my early 20s.

Living and traveling in many places of Asia, Europe, North America has been a wonderful asset in my life. It has made me better able to relate and understand people from different walks of life. I met and have friends from around the globe – China, India, Vietnam, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Dutch, Russia, Senegal, Mali, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Philippines, United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, etc. I went to school with some, I shared lunches with some, I cried over my failures with some, I laughed and danced with some, I worked as team with some… What I’ve found is, we may look different but deep inside, we’re all same and one.

We all have feelings; we cry and laugh at similar things. Good and bad happens to all of us. We’re all humans with feelings, emotions and mind of our own.

After going through one of the most painful period of my life with both things happening at the same time- I had emotional pain and then I also suffered from physical pain in my body. Doctors were not able to detect pain in my nerves but I suffered from back pain a lot. After some years of chronic pain and depression, I met my plant ally in my vision. After some months, I stumbled into a detailed online coursework on Flower Essence by Sara Crow, Herbalist & Teacher. I was working in a corporate world and lived a very busy life. Yet, I took out couple of hours during a week and was able to finish the course in few months time.


“I started making flower essence, started digging my little backyard and planting medicinal plants & flowers.  I started to learn to make aroma sprays, started my lesson on aromatherapy and started deepening my Herbal studies as well.  I incorporated more healing herbs in food and drinks, brought organic plant based products and started making little things on my own. Things and perspective in my life slowly started changing. I could see and feel the shift of changes in my life. I stated growing positive, I started having new thoughts and new ideas. People could feel the change and started noticing glow on my face. Flowers started healing from inside out but subtly and gently. I stopped suffering from emotional as well as physical pain. Once my heart was happy, all pains also started vanishing. My deepest gratitude lies to many healing plants and flowers, herbal tinctures, flower essences, herbal teas as well as aroma sprays I used and made in the process.”


During this healing period, I also took formal Diploma course from Herbal Academy and Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. For the period of 3-4 years, I immersed myself into studying and making plant and flower medicine. After completion of my study, I opened my own home based apothecary. I started making herbal supplements, selling online, in person, on events, etc. I also started my own Consultation and started teaching about plant medicine in workshops. Because of my healing and recovery and, because I experienced flower treatments first hand, I understood how plants and flowers heal miraculously, almost magically without side effects. This vital earth knowledge which had vanished due to modernization is something that I share and teach in my courses and workshops.  

Plants and Flower are the wisest and oldest healers of Earth. Once they connect to you or your body, they have higher intelligence to work on your system. This is not new medicine or new theory. This was how people used to heal in ancient days before the invention of pharmaceutical drugs. We’re only bringing the medicine of earth, the people’s medicine back in the world! People’s medicine are plants, flowers and nature which can be freely available or grown. People’s medicine do not have many side effects. People’s medicine are the wise ancient healers of earth ~ Plants & Flowers that have existed before our birth or even before human civilization on planet Earth.

When we worship plants, they heal us~ when we protect trees, we can remain alive ~ when we grow plants & flowers, Earth heals and smiles and so do we ~


Peace, Love & Joy to you from my heart to your heart,


Prerna Sejal



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