20181130_152630We make small batch of herbal supplements all year round. The herbs, oils and other ingredients that we use are certified organic (bought mostly from mountainroseherbs) or organically grown and ethically wild crafted. We make herbal supplements that encourages natural solution to body, mind and soul wellness.

We are dedicated to a vibrant health and a happy people & planet with healing herbs and nourishing supplements.

We also deeply care for environment, protection of plants, trees, sustainable harvest, ethical wild crafting and ethical business. Each purchase you make will plant a tree in the world and provide free health clinics, community health and support through our partnership programs which you can read in detail in partners page.


For a consultation or any other questions, please feel free to write to me at sejalapothecary@gmail.com


Enjoy our plant magic 🙂



Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Flower Therapist, Writer, Nature lover

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