I love Prerna’s tinctures! I have found her herbal tinctures to be very helpful in addressing several of my health issues. The drops are pure, organic and easy to carry with me. They are pleasant on the tongue whereas taking these herbs as teas are very often bitter and difficult + time consuming to prepare. I intend on trying more of her tinctures!

                -~Laurie Letkeman, Certified Yoga Teacher






Pain Relief Oil

Use of the medication is for application to muscles and joints for myself and my clients (massage). The oil seems very effective towards those who have arthritis condition or sore muscles.

~Delisha Oaklei, Licensed Vocational Nurse

Pain Relief Oil

The product I purchased is really working. Provides pain relief on body aches and joint pain. Highly recommend this product.

~ Anglea Gosman, Registered Nurse, Shields Nursing home

Mid summer’s night body oil

The product is very nice, soothing and helps my tired muscles relax. I find it very calming.

~ Eleanor Bongat, Registered Nurse

Dandelion Wintergreen Salve

The salve successfully helped with my dad’s neuropathic pain on his foot and also helped with my knee pain. I had an injury last year. Product Recommended 10/10 🙂

~ Janine S, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Shield Nursing Facility

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