Coursework on Immunity Supportive Herbs & Herbal Tisanes (May, 2021)

It is my first time to attend Herbal workshop and I find it really interesting and informative. Prerna is thorough and very patient to answer my questions. She is very knowledgeable and is very much willing to share her experiences and knowledge. This workshop has piqued my interest on herbs, Ayurveda, and alternative/natural healing. Thank you very much for doing this!

~ Reiza Dejito,  Country Director, Handicap International Nepal

Its really nice workshop! I really hope more and more people can have such a knowledgeable classes. I am hoping that some days we can do a little workshop with our student and parents at our school in Kathmandu.

~ Shiva Hari Sapkota, Himalaya Waldorf School, Nepal

Online Coursework on Flower Essence & Intuitive Flower Guidance (May 1, 2021)

Thank you so much Prerna !  Like your last workshop, it was so well prepared and well organized. It leaves me with a happy and positive feeling. Your way of teaching is so pure and clear that I am looking forward to new sessions about related topics.

It’s so important to keep our energy frequency high (also because of the frequency of the earth is rising enormously these months). During your workshop I realized how flower essences can help us with that.

~ Ilse Sapkota-Bennink, Himalaya Waldorf School, Nepal

Spring Herbal Workshop (Spring Detox herbs, Nervous System Wellness & Making of Body Oil Infusion) Feb, 2021

I loved your workshop! It was very complete and informative. I really liked the coursebook as well. It was very nice to read and use back home. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to a next workshop!!

~ Ilse Sapkota- Bennink, Himalaya Waldorf School Nepal

The workshop was very informative! I really liked the booklet. The course was a lovely combination of making of body oil infusion and Detox tea. Thank you for an inspiring afternoon!

~ Rianne Wiggers, Teacher, British School, Jhamsikhel

The workshop was very informative with a great leaflet for support. Prerna explained about herbs and the procedure to make herbal oil and spring detox herbal tea very clearly. It was so very helpful, easy to follow and understand.

~ Susanna Thapa, Manager, Charikot Panorama Resort

The workshop was very interesting and educational. I learnt about the herbs and the process to make herbal oil and Spring detox tea. Thank you 🙂

~ Ongel Gurung, Manang Direct

Thank you for the workshop! It was very enthusiastic, fun and creative. The oils and tea we made in the workshop looks amazing! Looking forward for more workshops.

~ Reena Lama, Susrutamhita Herbal Laboratory and agricultural farm

An awesome & very refreshing workshop! Thank you so much for sharing us your beautiful time and knowledge. I look forward to joining other refreshing workshops with you.

~ Numu Sherpa, Therapist, Isha Center

A special workshop to understand about herbs for specific uses. It was a very good knowledge of infusion of different herbs to make herbal products so that I can make in future.

~ Tshering Ingma Ghale, Owner of Manang Direct & Hotel Mountain Lake & Restaurant Tales

I loved your workshop!

~ Pampha Bhattarai, Workshop participant

Great workshop! Prerna has a lot of wisdom about herbs. Learnt a lot, would love to attend another class/ workshop.

~ Amber Shearan, Workshop participant

Winter Herbal Workshop (Tisanes & Infusions) Jan 2021

It was good venue and friendly atmosphere at the workshop! The tisane was very tasty. It was so good to get hands on with the herbal tea making.

~Ewa Jednaszewska, Workshop participant

The workshop was very informative. It was nice to see how the infusions are made and to try the delicious tea. Will definitely try them at home.

~Sirish Bhatt, Workshop participant

Herbal Workshop & Herbal Products( Self love potion, Calendula Rose Salve, Rose Aroma Spray)

Recently attended a workshop on ‘Backyard Medicinal herbs’ over the weekend at the apothecary. It was very informative! I enjoyed learning the type of herbs to use for what type of health needs. So far, I also have tried a few products and have felt better.

Loved the hands on part of the workshop! We love to join more of those types of workshops. Note: It really helped to match up what the herbs look like in its natural form- this way I have idea what I’m looking for.

~Angeline Silva Netto, Admin Assistant, Information Technology, CA @Workshop on Backyard Medicinal herb, Sejal Apothecary, El Cerrito, California ( October 2019)

Rose Face Oil & Herbal Bath Salts

Rose face oil is my go-to beauty staple. I use it daily basis for a quick 2 minutes facial massage and remove makeup. My face feels so nourished and refreshed every time I wipe it down with warm face towel.
Whenever I really need to wind down after a hectic day, I love using the herbal bath salt. The light aroma  of the flower petals and essential oil is very relaxing to my mind and body. I use it even when traveling for work. After sitting in the plane long hours and all day meetings, my body thanks me for the heavenly Himalayan salt soak.
~ Milli Gurung, Senior Product Manager, Hitachi Vantara, San Francisco, CA


I love Prerna’s tinctures! I have found her herbal tinctures to be very helpful in addressing several of my health issues. The drops are pure, organic and easy to carry with me. They are pleasant on the tongue whereas taking these herbs as teas are very often bitter and difficult + time consuming to prepare. I intend on trying more of her tinctures!

~Laurie Letkeman, Certified Yoga Teacher, Pleasant Hill, California, United States

Pain Relief Oil

Use of the medication is for application to muscles and joints for myself and my clients (massage). The oil seems very effective towards those who have arthritis condition or sore muscles.

~Delisha Oaklei, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Richmond, California

Pain Relief Oil

The product I purchased is really working. Provides pain relief on body aches and joint pain. Highly recommend this product.

~ Anglea Gosman, Registered Nurse, Shields Nursing home, Richmond, California

Mid summer’s night body oil

The product is very nice, soothing and helps my tired muscles relax. I find it very calming.

~ Eleanor Bongat, Registered Nurse, Richmond, California

Dandelion Wintergreen Salve

The salve successfully helped with my dad’s neuropathic pain on his foot and also helped with my knee pain. I had an injury last year. Product Recommended 10/10 🙂

~ Janine S, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Shield Nursing Facility, Richmond, California

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