pexels-photo-932577.jpgAromatherapy is a science of working with the aroma of herbs through sense of smell. As humans we are strongly affected by smell. We instantly recognize good or bad smell and our reaction and even living condition very much depends upon the sense of smell. We definitely do not want to live somewhere where the smell is bad. Hence, this deep interconnection of our sense of smell to the outcome of pleasant or unpleasant feeling very much depends upon the nature of smell; good or bad, giving us happiness or making us angry. In the science of aromatherapy, therapists usually work under the impression of the consquence of an aroma. The herbs hence have their own particular smell; strong, soft, healing, giving joy, arousing happy hormones, etc. Rose for instance, is an aphrodisiac herb and smelling roses instantly gives a pleasant feeling as it arouses happy hormones and makes a person calm. Smelling Eucalyptus on the other hand, is deeply healing and the aroma also heals sinus if used in proper herbal method. Hence, aromatherapy are used in various methods such as floral steam, smelling herbs in home by potpourri method, using aroma sprays, using herbal oils, herbal pillows for sleep, even inhaling them in herbal baths.

Floral Steam 


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