Rose Flower Oils

Rose Flower Oil


Time honored, mystical, magical Roses are timeless and eternal. They’ve been cherished since centuries, loved by all and have held the highest status of beauty and love in our society. Not only are they beautiful to look, lovely to have and their smell can induce love hormones, they are the oldest and most mystical medicinal plants in the history. They are loaded with tons of medicinal constituents.

Rose is an antioxidant, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, aphrodisiac and a nervine. Rose tightens pores, heals scars or wounds, maintains skin’s PH level, regenerates cells and tissues, hydrates and balances natural oil, brings glow to a skin and consists of anti-aging compounds. Even smelling roses produces happy hormones in a body. Emotionally rose is connected to heart chakra and brings love, joy, harmony and healing to our body, mind & spirit.

As a nervine and antioxidant, Rose supports in nervous system health. You can use Rose oil as body oil, massage oil, perfume oil and also in making Rose salves, butters, creams, lip balms and melanged with other oils .


I grow organic roses in my garden and makes rose oils, salves, butters, creams, lip balms and for other therapeutic uses. You can click below to get organic rose oils and roll ons 🙂

Rose beauty oil

Light, soft, hydrating, anti aging and non greasy fresh garden rose oil. Used as face or body oil, massage oil and hand oil. Ingredients: Sun infused fresh organic garden roses, base of Sweet almond oil. 2 oz dropper bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping+tax


Rose Oil

Natural heavenly fragrance of roses based with Sweet Almond oil & Vitamin E oil, Rose oil is soft, aromatic, light, non greasy, hydrating and anti aging. To be used as body oil, massage oil, hand or face oil. Available in 4 oz bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping+tax.


Rose Roll on Oil

Rose Roll on oil is aromatic, natural fragrance of rose, light, soft, non greasy, hydrating, anti aging. Easy to carry and can be used all over the body or wrists, back of ears for light aromatic uplifting rose fragrance. Available in 10 ml roll on bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping+tax.



Relaxing Oil

Rose & Lavender oil is the perfect relaxing blend of oil. To be used as body oil, massage oil, a special evening night oil, hand oil. Soft, hydrating, non greasy, heavenly fragrance of aromatic roses and Lavender flowers. Available in 2 oz bottle.






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