Comfrey Leaves Oil

Comfrey leaves

comfrey-symphytum-officinale-seeds-amkha-seed_946_1200x.jpgSymphytum officinale also known as Comfrey leaves has high medicinal values being both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Comfrey also stimulates granulation and tissue regeneration, and supports callus formation (, ). For centuries, comfrey has been used as a traditional medicinal plant for the treatment of painful muscle and joint complaints (; ). Native Americans also recognized its healing powers and included comfrey in their therapeutic armamentarium (; ).

Comfrey leaves are used as oil, salves and in ointments for bone support as in arthritic, osteoarthritic conditions, sprains and fractures where the medicinal property supports in healing tissues.


I use organic certified herbs in making oils at my apothecary. The comfrey oil is made with organic virgin olive oil and infused in sun.

Comfrey Leaves oil

Available in 4 oz easy to pump amber glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping+tax.




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