Values & Principles

Sejal Apothecary was created or born out of inherent desire to bring plant medicine for everyday healing, wellness and rejuvenation.

There are certain principles and values that the company believes in and works for:

  1. to use organic, natural plants and ingredients in making healing products & supplements
  2. to ethically wild craft plants and flowers
  3. to use sustainably harvested and grown herbs (if buying from herb companies)
  4. buy or use locally made products so as to support local ingredients and encourage local & herbal communities
  5. share a portion of income with non profit organizations that are involved in protection of environment, plants, healthcare and plant education. (Currently, part of our sales goes to our business partners –, herbalistswithoutborders and other charity services. click here to learn more about our partnership program
  6. to bring awareness of plant medicine and their benefit in body, mind & spirit wellness for everyday use
  7. to contribute to green and healthy planet by using organic, natural, sustainably produced ingredients, recycle, reuse & compost biodegradables in a healthy manner
  8. to research and support research work for plant kingdom
  9. to make herbal supplements and products that support body, mind & spirit wellness and rejuvenation



               body, mind & spirit wellness with plant & flower alchemy

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