Feverfew leaves Extract

Feverfew leaves liquid extract~

Chrysanthemum parthenium or Feverfew leaves are used during inflaming condition of body & skin. The plant is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, emmenagogue & cardiotonic. Feverfew was used in the medieval times as herbal aspirin so it’s not a good idea to use feverfew if you’re actually taking an aspirin. Feverfew, Herb

As the name suggests, it comes from latin name ‘febrifugia’ which means fever reducer and has long been used for remedies related to headaches, migraine, hot fever, flashes, inflammation of body and also psoriasis (internally or externally).

A herbal pain reliever, feverfew has slightly strong & bitter taste. If you dilute in water or juice, the taste can get milder. Or, I really love to add feverfew extract with Damiana or Rose extract so that the taste is even sweeter.


Recommended dosage: 2 dropperful (2 ml) * 3 times a day for 3 months

3 dropperful (3ml) ~ 2- 3 times a day (for occasional use when the painful or feverish condition arises)

(note: For continued uses everyday, not recommended after 4th month. A break of couple of months is required if you plan to use longer).


Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew leaves), Ethanol 75% (alcohol based extraction)

For non alcohol extraction: Tanacetum parthenium (Feverfew leaves), Vegetable palm glycerine (70%), Spring Water (30%)

Feverfew Liquid Extract

Available in 2 oz dropper glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping+tax.


*Note: Alcohol based herbal extractions dilutes once in water. 1 dropper full (1ml) of extract might consist of 0.01% of alcohol amount. The other way to completely extract trace of alcohol from an alcohol based herbal supplement is, to dilute in a little amount of hot water. The hot water evaporates alcohol from the supplement completely, then you can add it in a glass of cold water. Also taken with herbal tea, alcohol will evaporate from the supplement.

However, for a completely non alcoholic version, I extract with Apple cider vinegar or Vegetable Palm Glycerine and spring water. Please write or message me, ‘non-alcoholic extraction’. Non alcoholic herbal supplements will be usually safer to use for age 4 and above.




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