Self-love potion

Self love Potion~ 20190311_122739

Self-love potion is all about loving and honoring self. It’s deeply nurturing, healing in the deepest level and bringing a sense of love, joy, empowerment and calmness back in life.

For those who want to explore their own depth of love and empowerment in their life. Made with an infusion of healing, adaptogenic and aphrodisiac herbs, the potion equally supports a rejuvenating health with herbs that balances, supports and provides tonic to the body.

A deeply delicious concoction of balancing adaptogenic, nervine & aphrodisiac herbs.

Ingredients: organic Crataegus spp., Hawthorn leaves, organic Calendula officinalis Calendula flowers, organic Turnera diffusa Damiana leaves, organic Cinnamomum Cinnamon sticks, organic Rosa spp. Rose petals, organic Orange peels, organic Hibiscus sabdariffa Hibiscus flowers, organic Vegetable glycerine, Spring water


Directions of use: 2-3 dropperful (2-3 ml) directly on a tongue or diluted in a glass of water 2*times a day.

Self-love Potion

Available in 2 oz frosted glass bottle.







Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Writer, Reiki Practitioner

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