Scutellaria lateriflora

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Aslo known as American Skullcap, this highly medicinal plant has been used for several different conditions in Native American herbalism, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medcine.

The herb comes from Mint family and has cooling energetics. So, it’s been mostly used for hot or inflammatory conditions like headaches, fever, calming nerves and circulatory system. Scutellaria is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, sedative and emmenagogue herb. She has been used in aiding sleep combined with other sedative or nervine herbs. She has also been used for conditions of muscle spasms, tremors and nerve related symptoms.

Directions of use: 2 droppersful (2ml) diluted in a cup of water or herbal tea 2* a day.

Ingredients: Scutellaria lateriflora American Skullcap, 75 % Ethanol based extraction (from Grain alcohol)


Scutellaria liquid extract

Available in 2 oz dropper bottle. (Shipping +tax included)


*Note: Alcohol based herbal extractions dilutes once in water. 1 dropper full (1ml) of extract might consist of 0.01% of alcohol amount. The other way to completely extract trace of alcohol from an alcohol based herbal supplement is, to dilute in a little amount of hot water. The hot water evaporates alcohol from the supplement completely, then you can add it in a glass of cold water. Also taken with herbal tea, alcohol will evaporate from the supplement.

However, for a completely non alcoholic version, I extract with Apple cider vinegar or Vegetable Palm Glycerine and spring water. Please write or message me, ‘non-alcoholic extraction’. Non alcoholic herbal supplements will be usually safer to use for age 4 and above.

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