Rosemary Herbal Oil

58460402_1040284299514130_430692929531543552_nRosemary is a sweet mild analgesic which relieves headache when massaged gently on the scalp. Used regularly as herbal hair oil, it helps in stimulating hair growth and nourishing dry, itchy scalp preventing dandruff.

Having anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties, rosemary is also a neuro protective herb and used for increasing memory. Used as body oil, the herbal oil relieves stress, muscle tension, healing to the nerves and act as a relaxing mild pain reliever. The aroma of the herb is superbly calm & healing during headaches, fatigue or body tiredness.

Available in 4 oz glass bottle.

Direction of use: Gently massage on the scalp of your head to the root of your hair. Let sit in your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair. (Letting sun seep in your hair while oiling is a traditional healing method as sun potency enhances the oiling method)

Massage gently on your neck and using as body massage oil is equally healing and relaxing.

Recommended use: At least once or twice a week.


Rosemary Herbal Oil

4 oz cobalt blue or amber glass bottle. Shipping+ tax included in price.


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