Eucalyptus Chamomile herbal steam

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Eucalyptus leaves and Chamomile flowers are two powerful antioxidant herbs that support during sinus, nasal congestion, cold, cough & allergies, headaches related to sinus, cold & nervous system, breathing easily and all issues related to upper respiratory health.
Chamomile flowers have also been used during cold, sinus & headache relief. It is also anti-inflammatory & antiseptic herb repairing skin cells as well as balancing oil level on a skin.
Combination of these two powerful herbs in a traditional method of herbal steam when used regularly helps in issues related to sinus, cold upper respiratory health. 

Direction of use~ Take 1 Tbsp of Herbal steam and put in a vessel of hot boiled water closing the lid immediately after that. Let sit for 1-2 minutes before taking steam, covering well enough with a towel letting for some room to breathe air. 5-10 mins of herbal steam (once a day or once a week depending upon the condition). Be sure to pat your face dry gently with a soft towel and apply a little face oil or moisturizer if your face runs dry after steam.


Eucalyptus Chamomile Herbal Bath

6 oz glass jar. Price inclusive of shipping & tax.



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