Rose face oil

62590563_441108403335624_4921721694432788480_nRose face oil is a sweet infusion of organic Damascus roses from Bulgaria, organic Jojoba oil, organic fractionated refined Coconut oil & Vitamin E oil.

Long used in skincare, Rosa damascena or Damascus Roses consist of complex array of vitamins, minerals & anitoxidants. Frequent use of rose oil on skin helps in moisturizing, tightening skin pores and rejuvenating tissues.

Damascus Roses are grown in the ‘valley of Roses’, Bulgaria and has been considered as one of the most powerful rose in skin care due to its medicinal & hydrating qualities. Roses have astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and used in healing, acne & inflammatory conditions; for hydrating skin cells, anti-aging process and for a natural healthy glow. No wonder, Cleopatra used rose oil for skin care!


Jojoba oil is used both in skin and hair for its numerous benefits such as its ability to hydrate skin, treat sunburn, balance natural skin oil level & reducing wrinkle,

Fractionated refined Coconut oil hydrates kin, helps improve skin elasticity  & collagen production. Coconut oil consists of fatty acids, antioxidants & Vitamin E and A which helps to slow down aging process of skin cells as well as help reduce the damage from free radicals and sun.

Vitamin E oil helps nourish and protect skin.

These powerful combination of flower & plant oil is helpful in providing nourishment, hydration, regeneration, repair of skin cells & tissues and reversing skin aging.

Direction: Apply liberally on face, neck and hands after cleansing your face in the evening time.

*Not really suitable for wearing on daytime and exposing on sun.



Rose Face Oil

Ingredients: organic Rose damascena (Damascus Roses from Bulgaria), organic Jojoba Oil, organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil 15ml bottle – $16 30 ml bottle – $24 Available in sun protected glass dropper bottle. (Please check with me if 15 ml bottle is in stock.) CURRENTLY ALL OUT OF STOCK Price inclusive of shipping + tax.



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  1. Love this rose face oil. Been using it for a year to gently remove makeup and increase blood circulation. I pinch a drop or two on my hand and then gently massage it on my face, and wipe it down with warm face towel. My face feels refreshed each night I massage it with this oil.

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