Peace Aroma Spray


Peace Aroma Spray evokes peace, calmness & relaxation. Made with infusion of aromatic pink roses and Jasmine flowers, Lavender essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Rose flower essence & alcohol for preservation. Rose is a nervine and an aphrodisiac which soothes nerves, relaxes tired muscles and gently stimulates happy hormones.

Directions of use: Spray all over the body or on wrists, back of ears, heart chakras, aura and even living space or before meditation or whenever you feel like you need bit of peace and calmness.

Pink roses are organic from my garden, Jasmine flowers are wild crafted, essential oils are all organic and of therapeutic grade.


Peace Aroma Spray

2 oz spray glass bottle. (Price is inclusive of shipping+tax) Currently on Sale!





Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Writer, Reiki Practitioner

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