Rose Aroma Spray

65288168_331253167772608_3525603881507618816_nRoses have long been used in healing emotions and issues related to heart. Rose is a heart opener in a sense that the constituents in rose is calming to senses and promotes feeling of peace, love and joy. Rose is an aphrodisiac herb among it’s many beneficial properties. The nature of rose is to nourish, uplift and bring harmony. 

Using rose as rose water on body or spraying with rose water helps in calming senses, bringing feeling of peace, helping us get in touch with our inner peace and wisdom. Rose is profoundly healing, age old wisdom flower, a symbol of love and eternal romance who is a gentle nurturer of heart and issues related to emotions. 



Love, joy, forgiveness and harmony are the languages of love. Using rose in many ways helps us to be in touch with our feelings and balance them in our life.




Ingredients: organic Rosa spp. Rose petals, Distilled water 50%, Ethanol 50% (for preservation)

*All organic & natural ingredients, no artificial fragrance or chemicals used

Directions of use: Gently spray all over the body, writsts, back of ear, heart chakra, around your aura, in living space, meditation space, peace corner, alter or whenever you need peace, love & calmness.




Rose Aroma Spray

60 ml frosted Glass spray bottle. (Price inclusive of shipping +tax).




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