Rose Elixir


Rose has been used for centuries for health & skin care. Rose herbal extractions have multiple benefits. Rose consists of antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant properties and a rich source of vitamins. Rose is calming to mind and senses, helps in digestive system, balancing hormones, good blood circulation, provides immunity support, cardiovascular support, inflammatory conditions as well as healing emotional issues like depression, grief and loss.



Rose Elixir is an extraction of organic roses in alcohol & honey. The concoction is supportive for a healthy and rejuvenating health taken daily.

Ingredients: Rosa spp. (organic rose petals & buds), organic Grain alcohol (65%), Raw honey(35%).

Direction of use: 2-3 dropperful (1 dropperful=2-3 ml) in a cup of water, juice or herbal tea. Recommended dosage: 2-3 times a day daily.

Rose Elixir

Available in 2 oz sun protected dropper Glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping & tax.



*Note: Alcohol percentage lessens or diminishes once diluted in water. 1 dropper full of tincture (2-3ml)might consist of 0.01% of alcohol amount. The other way to completely extract trace of alcohol from an alcohol based herbal supplement is; to dilute in a little amount of hot water. The hot water evaporates alcohol from the supplement completely, then you can add it in a glass of cold water. Also taken with herbal tea, alcohol will evaporate from the supplement.

However, for a completely non alcoholic version, I also make elixir or other herbal supplements with Apple cider vinegar or Vegetable Palm Glycerine. While making an order, just mention, non alcoholic in the note or write to me. I’m sometimes out of stock with certain herbal supplements. Non alcoholic herbal supplements will be usually safer to use for age 4 and above.


Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Writer, Reiki Practitioner

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