Nectar of Rose/ Rose Herbal Extract

60084820_420427065352642_2974782043851849728_nRose has been used for centuries for health & skin care. Rose herbal extractions have multiple benefits. Rose consists of antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, aphrodisiac properties and a rich source of vitamins. Rose is calming to mind and senses, helps in digestive system, balancing hormones, good blood circulation, provides immunity support, cardiovascular support, inflammatory conditions as well as healing emotional issues like depression, grief and loss.

rose-4213115_960_720Rose herbal extracts have found to be profoundly healing and beneficial when taken during periods of grief and loneliness. Rose stands for symbol of love & beauty. Rose has been long been used as an aphrodisiac herb and taking rose extract frequently promotes love, peace, calmness, inner joy & positive energy.  Herbal liquid extracts can be taken directly on tongue or can be diluted in cup of water, juice or herbal tea. Rose herbal extracts can also be added on food, drinks for rejuvenating health and enhancement. The taste of rose extracts especially when it’s extracted in vegetable glycerine is heavenly which I fondly like to call ‘Nectar of Rose’. 

Ingredients: Rosa spp. (organic rose petals & buds), organic Vegetable Glycerine (70%), spring water(30%)

Direction of use: 2-3 dropperful (1 dropperful=2/3 ml) directly on  tongue or diluted in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea 3 times a day for full benefit.

Suitable for age 4+(Child dosage is usually half of an adult dosage). A 50 lbs child can only have 1 dropperful twice a day.


Nectar of Rose/ Rose Herbal Extract

Available in 2 oz sun protected dropper glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping & tax.




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