Herbal Consultation

Our connection with plants go a very long way. We need oxygen to survive which plants can give to us. They need carbon dioxide to make photosynthesis which we can give to them. This interconnection is the thread that links our wellness & even happiness with plants and earth.

In the past before modern medicine was invented, we relied on medicinal plants and flowers which we’d grow at home or gather from forest. This was one simple way of incorporating herbs in food and drinks. By doing this, we’d be eating the whole plant and not just the chemical component of it. This created a healthy eco-system balance. Nourishing ourselves in nature bounty is a guaranteed way to keep ourselves healthy and happy with almost zero side effects. With the invention of modern medicine, this simple traditional way of healing got lost, we forgot to eat our herbs which also impacted a healthy eco-system of earth. We understand now, the value of simple life, of eating fresh, healthy, organic food and the dangers of high dosage of pharmaceutical drugs taken for long time.

Hippocrates & Galen reinstated that plants as well as humans have their own constituents and energy field just like Doshas in Ayurveda or energy classifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Disease, according to Hippocrates is a byproduct of an imbalance in the energetic field. Hence, taking the right food and herbs is bringing that balance in our energy field. Understanding our body type or constitution, our energy field and the matching herbs/ food to take will be the correct measure to adopt with some lifestyle adjustments.

In my consultation, I can provide guidance on your body constitution, energy field and the matching(to your body constitution) herbal energetics, herbs or if required (some lifestyle adjustments). 

Initial consultation would be 60 mins with fee of Rs. 650 by esewa or cash on the consultation day. 

I do in person consultations at Karma Coffee Nepal, Moksha complex, Jhamsikhel on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Time: 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM, 3- 4 PM, 4-5 PM.

I also do in skype consultations Monday- Saturday (10.30 AM – 6:30 PM); 60 mins with fee of Rs. 550 (Payment need to be make with esewa prior to consultation day)

To make an appointment, please fill up the Appointment Form . For any inquiries related to consultation or booking, please email me at: prernasej@outlook.com or sejalapothecary@gmail.com Or, text/call at: 9849 511970.

*Please note that follow up (if required) can be only after 30 days of initial consultation. Follow ups will be 30-40 mins max. and a fee of Rs. 450 will be applied both in person as well as in skype.

*After the initial consultation, you may inquire about herbs or herbal energetics with me anytime by phone or email. I will be glad to respond to your queries. 

*Disclaimer: I’m an Herbalist and have knowledge about plants and their uses/ benefits for specific purpose as studied/trained in my herbal schools, numerous research study, tests and (my own experience) as well as intuitive knowledge gained through plant wisdom. I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not certified to diagnose or treat any disease. I’m qualified only to advise and give guidance about body constitutions, energy field and herbal energetics/ herbs that can benefit your body constitution. 

*If you’re currently pregnant, nursing a baby or had recent surgeries and taking any pharmaceutical drugs then there can be risk of contraindications with medicinal herbs, so please use discernment; do your part of research of herbs or consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements whether you buy through me or other herbal stores. 




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Herbalist, Writer, Reiki Practitioner

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