Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultation is an understanding that we have been forever connected to the healing energies of plants.


Plant and nature has the same affinity to regeneration as the cells in our body. Each cell and tissue in our body is capable to regenerate in it’s own or with the help of certain medicinal plants. Plants and herbal science has amazing recovery and stories of complete recovery and regeneration. This usually happens due to regeneration and repair of cells and tissues.

Compared to pharmaceutical drugs which is intended to cure, treat or numb certain senses, which are mostly effective as long as you take the drugs, with many side effects of the chemical reaction in our body; Herbalism is connected to the plant and flower medicine which is used for recovery and regeneration of cells on a deeper level. That is why miracle stories have appeared where complete recovery from an illness or certain condition has been possible with lot of faith in healing power of plants.Β 


Herbalism is a science where healing and restoration is dependent upon your own belief in plant medicine, your willingness to trust in natural remedy as well as diet intake; where you understand that instead of only ‘quick fix solution’, there is a natural process or route that our body follows in order to recover, heal or rejuvenate. Herbalism is also a part of Holistic lifestyle hence diet, lifestyle, exercise/ yoga are equally important in a balanced lifestyle.

There are many actions and benefits of a single herb. What an Herbalist usually does is, advise about certain herbs and combination of herbs for particular problem or provide consultation about herbs, dietary plan and lifestyle as per the list of medicinal herbs safe to use (which have already been tried, tested and used) as alternative solutions to treatment. I do consultation on person (with appointments only), phone, skype, through contact form below or by email: sejalapothecary@gmail.com. (I respond to emails according to the dates I receive them in order)


*I’m an Herbalist and have knowledge about plants and their uses/ benefits for specific purpose as studied/trained in my herbal schools, numerous research study, tests and (my own experience) as well as intuitive knowledge gained through plant wisdom. I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not certified to diagnose or treat any disease. If you’re currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs then please be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements whether you buy through me or other stores.Β 

If you’re pregnant then there are restrictions on various medicinal herbs but I can give consultations for which herbs to use, how to use external herbs safely, what holistic lifestyle/ approach can make things better, calmer and smoother for you.




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