Backyard Medicinal Herbal Workshop

Herbal Workshop on Backyard Medicinal Herbs will be a 2.5 Hours workshop where I will introduce you to simple and easy ‘to grow and use’ herbs from our own backyard. The course will also cover ”simple to make” herbal formulas like infusions and tincture making. A ‘self-love potion’ a strong autumn & winter ally will be on the making by the other half of the coursework.
If you love plant and flower remedies, love holistic approach towards life and support organic food and supplements, then this workshop is for you. The setting will be casual, plant lovers, wellness enthusiasts, positive vibration, in home based surrounding with easy to access backyard herbs.

To reserve your spot and for more details, visit Herbal Workshop

Namaste dear hearts! See you here 🙂 


Published by Prerna Sejal

Herbalist, Flower Therapist, Writer, Nature lover

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