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I’m experiencing monsoon after 15 years! What joy to be in South East Asia and experience the torrent of shower after summer heat!

I remember as a child, how we’d glee at the monsoon shower which arrives here in Nepal mid June to mid August. We just passed over the hottest days and I’ve had glorious chance of encountering beautiful flowers everywhere. Those of us who’re currently living in the eastern part of the world, yes, we’re experiencing monsoon which will last until mid August.

Summer is a time when flowers bloom and are at their peak. Unlike California, where Summer actually starts from June until September and we expect autumn weather which of course reminds me of pumpkin pies and cinnamon buns, here; there’s an additional chance of experiencing cinnamon chai latte or juicy Mango Rose lassi.

How we can make Mango Rose Lassi:

We will need Yoghurt, Vanilla extract (optional), Honey or Rose syrup and fresh Mangos.

To make simple Rose syrup:

You’ll need dried or fresh roses. Make a concentrated infusion of Rose water. Bring to boil, lower heat & let simmer for 10-15. Add honey (as per taste) and mix well. Strain in a glass jar (where we can keep leftover in fridge for some days).

We then blend yoghurt, resins, nuts, almonds, mangoes, vanilla extract in a blender and once done, we can mix with rose infusion. Make a 1:1 proportion. 1 part yoghurt mixture with equal part rose infusion. So half and half of both. Mix well and serve in a glass with ice.

This can be a fun Summer pre-monsoon flower infused drink to enjoy in a warm day !

The stars and planets have been showering us with their seasonal blessing as well. We have started Summer Solstice (the arrival of summer in Northern Hemisphere) and mid summer here in the Eastern world. So, we’ve been seeing lot of joys and good energy the past couple of days. There’s a lot of positive vibe in the world!

Mercury, our planet of communication which was retrograde also turned direct now. So, miscommunications has ended and we see easy flow of communication amongst each other. This is also Cancer season- the zodiac sign of Cancer which starts from June 21- July 22. The moon is the governing planet of Cancer. So, if some of us have been feeling little more sensitive and emotional know that this due to Moon taking center stage in our life. Since Moon is governing, it’s also a beautiful time to delve into our inner world. We can journal, do lot of creative works and most importantly nurture (the key word of Cancer sign) ourselves and loved ones. Self-care is super important whether that be making your favorite food, getting massages, taking herbal tea, getting facials or pampering your favorite activities.

To boost Cancer season, we had a super Strawberry full moon in the sign of Capricorn a day ago. Capricorn as we know, is governed by the great teacher Saturn. When full moon in Capricorn highlights in Cancer season, that means; the lesson has been to bring out of leadership quality in our chosen career. As we know Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign. When double cardinal signs appear, it brings out a lot of leadership quality in people.

So, we will see a lot of us advancing towards our dream career, taking a step up and speaking or teaching. It’s a great time to develop our career in the subjects we love. For others who are not in teaching field, there will be a lot of training and learning opportunities in workplaces. We will be motivated to learn new subjects to advance in our career. All in all, it’s a good time to learn new subjects, advance our career in the subjects we love and also good opportunity for those in teaching fields to speak out as communication is clear and we have planets to guide and shine in our areas.

The flower I’d like to bring out for this season is Lotus.

Notice the lovely petals which glows even in darkness and see how they grow. Out of nowhere in a pond grows this gorgeous flower shining bright. Lotus hence has been regarded as a flower of higher consciousness and awareness. It has a ‘yin’ feminine energy and is mystical, soft yet strong. It really springs from inside out- expanding. All of us, at this time have been experiencing or experienced a tough time where the world and humanity has been going through a difficult period.

Just like lotus, which springs forth in pond, we too can spring forth in our own place and soul growth. This is a time when we can bloom with tough lessons learnt or still learning and expand ourselves with our highest potential in self-awareness just like the beautiful Lotus flower.

How we can incorporate the energy of Lotus flower in our life? We can do this by expanding our vision, rising above our circumstances and staying uplifted.

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I wish you a beautiful summer (in the northern hemisphere), monsoon (in the eastern world) and cosy winter (in the southern hemisphere).

Blessings of peace & love,

Prerna Sejal

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