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There are two kind of Consultations I do both -online or in person: 

The First one is: Flower Therapy Consultation. In the consultation, I usually assess your overall health concerns, your lifestyle, your emotional and or, social factors. I will guide you towards the best Flower Therapeutic methods. To know and learn more about Flower Therapy Consultation. Please click on the link to Flower Therapy Consultation.

The Second kind of Consultation is: Herbal/ Body Energetics. We all have different type of body and our constitution or energetics. Constitution of a person can be hot, cold, moist or dry. What is the benefit of this type of consultation? By having knowledge of your body type or constitution, you will be able to better understand any underlying problems you may be facing, any health issues, understand which herbs are suited for your body type and be able to start an herbal treatment if required. To learn more about Herbal/ Body Energetics, please click on the link to Herbal/ Body Energetics Consultation.

For both Consultations, please fill up this Appointment Form and mention which consultation want to book for. Both consultations will be an hour long (whether online or in person).  Follow- up consultations time frame differ for both type of consultations. Payment details are guided in the links to both type of consultation in their respective pages.

Thank you & I wish you all my best,

Prerna Sejal


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