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Flowers are gifts on earth. Not only do they grace our home, garden and our life, they have profound healing energy in them. This healing energy has the ability to heal not just our physical and emotional but also on a profoundly spiritual or in a subconscious level.

Our past experiences- good or bad as well as our day to day life experiences, traumas, fears and sadness get stored in our subconscious level. When we do not let them go, it creates energy stagnation or blockages which hinder us in our everyday life. The manifestations of these blockages can be seen such as unspoken fears, limitations we put on ourselves or others, feeling of low self-esteem, shame or guilt.

Flowers have the ability to work on our psycho-spiritual level.

I love this quote by Luther Burbank, ‘Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.’

Each flower has its own energy and healing potency. When we incorporate flowers in our life, their healing is miraculous and in a profound level.

What can you expect during Flower Therapy Consultation?

I will lightly assess your current health situation, your body energetics and gently touch your emotional/social situations.

After this, we would go about understanding the best healing method for you.

There are 3 varied ways of healing with flowers:

  1. Taking flower based herbal supplements like flower tea, tinctures and incorporating herbs in food. 

  2. Taking Flower Essence and Flower tinctures.

  3. Healing with aromatherapy such as bringing flowers in your life- in your home, garden, office spaces. This can be done by bringing physical flowers in your environment, use of flower essential oils, use of aroma sprays, potpourris, using flower baths and in diffusers. We’ll go into detail of which flowers you need to bring in your surroundings. 

  4. I would also give a Flower Reading if that interests you. (optional)cuckoo-flower-109884_960_720

What is Flower Essence? You may read about them here.

My initial consultation would be 60 mins. We can do online (skype) or in-person at my home apothecary or in Karma Coffee (Jhamsikhel or Boudha) 10 AM- 6PM.

To book for initial consultation please use this Appointment Form or email me at sejalapothecary@gmail.com

Fee for initial consultation online is Nrs. 800 or USD 15 (Payment need to be made by e-sewa, bank transfer or paypal).

Fee for in person consultation is Nrs. 900.

Payment need to be made with e-sewa to my number 9849 511970 (For Nepal) or by PayPal account to: prernasguru@gmail.com (for United States) and or bank payment prior to consultation day.

Follow up consultation need to be made in 2-3 weeks. First follow up consultation is free and will be 30 mins only. It can be over the phone, skype or in-person.

Second follow up consultation need to be made in another 3-4 weeks period after the first one. The fee for second follow up consultation is Nrs. 750 or USD 10 (online or in person). In the second consultation, we’ll usually work towards the results of Flower therapy in your life and will make adjustments with flower usage treatments or methods. 

*During my consultation, we can discuss the best healing modality for you. I will customize herbal flower tea blends, tinctures or flower essences. If I have in stock with me, you may buy those from me or you may need to buy from outer source.


Walking the path of healing with flowers has brought so much joy, confidence, healing and joie de vivre in my life. I have learnt to love and accept myself and that is true empowerment. You give power to yourself when you love and accept yourself. Then you can extend this love and understanding to others and learn to incorporate them in your life.

Flowers are magical and so are you! Flowers will gently help shed layers of energy blockages so that your body can heal itself. Our body’s higher intelligence can tune into the flower’s healing energy which allows healing to be done in the deepest level.


*I’m an Herbalist and have knowledge about flowers and their uses/ benefits for specific purpose as studied/trained in my herbal schools, numerous research study, tests and (my own experience) as well as intuitive knowledge gained through flower wisdom. I’m not a medical doctor and do not diagnose or treat any disease. I only guide and advise about herbal/flower remedies, flower therapy methods and make herbal supplements and flower remedies including flower essence treatments.
**If you’re currently pregnant, nursing a baby or had recent surgeries and taking any pharmaceutical drugs then there can be risk of contraindications with medicinal herbs, so please use discernment; do your part of research of herbs or consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements whether you buy through me or other herbal stores. 
***Flower Essence treatment varies from herbal supplements as Flower Essence has been considered to have no side effects and are not contraindicated during pregnancy, for breast-feeding mothers and those who need to get surgery or recently had one. I do advise though, to use discernment, proper research on the subject and consult with your doctor.

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