Flower Therapy

Choosing flowers is opening a gateway to a whole new world of miracle healing.  Flowers bring joy and joie de vivre (joy of living) in a person’s life. Flowers work their magical ways in our physical, emotional and subconscious level healing and rejuvenating.


The art of listening to flowers is as simple as sitting in front of them, meditating upon them and feeling them with your heart. Have you ever sat beside a flowing river and listened to her sound? Water is alive, breathing, full of energy. Flowers too, have their own spirit, own energy and sitting beside them, you can learn to listen to them. You can learn to understand their language. A language our soul understands and transmits them. This is intuitive listening, an art of listening to the messages of flowers.


A flower is more than an eye’s pleasure. It is a breathing life force with vital source of energy. This source of energy or we might call ‘spirit of flower’ has the ability to heal not just physical and emotional but also on a profoundly spiritual and in a subconscious level.

Walking the path of healing with flowers has brought so much joy, confidence, healing and joie de vivre in my life. I have learnt to love and accept myself and that is true empowerment. You give power to yourself when you love and accept yourself unconditionally. Then you extend this love and understanding to others and in your life.


Do you want to understand how flowers heal and what methods you can use? In my 60 mins initial Flower Therapy Consultation, I lightly assess your situation and give guidance on the therapeutic system you’d be interested to work on. If you have questions regarding the consultation, then definitely  contact me using the website Contact form.

I also have a Facebook community called Plant & Flower Therapy Group geared towards healing with flowers. Do join us there if you feel called to!

Namaste, and welcome dear soul to a world of miracle healing with flowers!

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Herbalist, Writer

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