Flower Essence

What is Flower Essence?

Flower Essence is a medicine of soul.  A vibrational preparation of flowers, flower Essences are believed to capture the energetic imprints of a flower with the help of sun and water. Each flower has its own energy and that energy constitutes healing potency.


Flower essence was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900s. He believed that illness is the effect of disharmony between body and mind.

“Flower Essence is safe for all ages and in all physical conditions. They do not interfere with any pharmaceutical medications and they do not have any side effects. This is what makes flower essence so miraculous, so awesome and such a wonderful soul medicine!”

Past bad memories, trauma, depression, guilt, low self-esteem, shame, are some of the lower energies which gets stored in our subconscious level. Flowers are subtle gentle healers who not only heal our physical and emotional body but also our spiritual or subconscious body.


“What flower essence would I need?” If you want to understand and bring light to your situation, then I suggest on having a Flower Therapy Consultation where I can suggest the right flower essence for you or your loved ones!

A flower is more than an eye’s pleasure. It is a breathing life force with vital source of energy. This source of energy or we might call ‘spirit of flower’ has the ability to heal not just physical and emotional but also on a profoundly spiritual and in a subconscious level. To understand the energetics of flowers, how they can heal body, mind and spirit, which flowers to use, I have developed an online Video course A Course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence which you can download or watch virtually at your own pace learning at your own time.

        To read more about Flower Therapy and how it can heal us. Please click here.


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