What is a Course on Flower Intuition & Flower Essence?

Flowers are gifts of earth! Beside their beauty and way of charming us, they have various ways to benefit our body, mind & spirit. Have you heard about flower therapy, flower medicine or flowers to invoke peace, joy & good luck in your life? If you haven’t then I do assure you that after taking this course on Flower Intuition & Flower Essence, things will change in your life in a good way.

Incorporating flowers and healing with them is nature’s therapy. You can take care of yourself and your own health as well as happiness. The course will also open your mind and heart to intuitive understanding.

What is Intuition? Dictionary defines intuition as the ability to understand something instinctively without conscious reasoning. We live in a world where logic as well as emotions go hand in hand. There is fact and science as well as there are unseen forces like love, pain, joy and miraculous things occurring in one’s life due to faith & hope. The course will allow your heart to open to intuition. Intuition is something that each person on earth including animals and birds have. It’s an instinct, an inner understanding to know and perceive things that we can’t explain. It has also been explained as a gut feeling and inner wisdom by some. We have subsided our intuition for so long that we’re afraid to use our own instinct and inner understanding relying only on outer facts and what has been told. Opening our heart to intuition leads us back to connecting with ourselves and nature. Flower Intuition is understanding flowers instinctively without reasoning and understanding their energetics with this inner awareness. 

In this course, I’ve also delved in detail into Flower Essence and Flower Essence making process. What is Flower Essence? Flower Essence is a vibrational medicine made with the help of sun and water. A simple traditional process of making a body, mind & soul medicine. To know more about Flower Essence, please go to link Flower Essence where I have tried to briefly explain. Flower Essence can be easily made at home. In the course, I’ve tried to outline the process of making essence, it’s therapeutic usage, how to know which flowers to choose for particular wellness issue as well as listed various healing flowers that has been researched and used for different health and wellness issues for body, mind & spirit.

The course is divided into 8 modules. I would suggest going slowly from understanding the concept of healing with flowers, flower intuition to making flower essence. There is guided meditation, well instructed videos and easily downloadable PDF booklets for each modules.

You can take your time to study and practice at home at your comfort. For any study support, you can reach me at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com.

Please do watch this promo video where I’ve talked little bit about what goes in the course.

To sign up for the course, please go to A Course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence. Payment is easy, can be done through credit or debit cards or bank transfers. To convert currency of your country, just click on the currency sign that pops at the right hand side.

(If you don’t see currency of your country, send me and email at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com and we’ll fix the issue).

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Thank you very much for reading this post and I wish you peace, joy and love from all my heart!

p.s If you’d like to question me about the course prior to purchasing it, then send me a message. Also I’d always love to hear from you as comments, suggestions or feedbacks. Please do use the form below for that.

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