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Whew! July has been quite a roller coaster ride month. So much deep learning and healing has taken place. Much of our emotional issues that have come to surface have been able to finally heal with water energy and now help us shine forth. Yes, this is the exact time of the year to help us shine! August, also the peak of summer has all the potential of Sun’s full energy. There is so much sunshine, brightness in the world and in our life. Astrologically, this is the time when the zodiac sign Leo governs from July 23- Aug 22. We were in sensitive watery inward going Cancer sign for a whole month. Now, as the Lion shines bright and high, we have the planetary support to bring out our hidden talents in the open. Leo is governed by the planet Sun himself which means a warm, sunny, brighter aspect in our life as well as in the world.

Each plant also energetically corresponds to the planetary movement in the sky. The flower for this month is Sunflower! Yes, the bright, warm, happy flower. The energy of sunflower is joyful as well as symbolizes confidence. Hence, we’re encouraged to bring our brighter playful side, remain confident, optimistic as well as bring our natural talents in the open limelight. If we have natural talents or have skills then we’re highly encouraged this time of the year to share with others and bring it in the limelight. Leo, Sun, Sunflower loves limelight so we have all the hints from the Universe to bring our gifts, talents and creativity in the open.

Sunflower also encourages us to see various perspectives from an optimistic point of view. So, optimism, joy, sunshine and hope are the keywords this month.

That being said, I have a wonderful announcement to make! I’ve finally completed my first online Video course after months and months of work. This video online course can be viewed and studied at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. To know more about this course, check my video here:

Signing up for the course is easy. You can watch my instructional video and easily downloadable PDF booklets and study the course at your own pace at home. At the end of the course, a beautiful certificate will be emailed to you. Please follow the link at: A Course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence to purchase the course.

I’ve been getting plenty of helpful support, feedback, reviews from everyone which has motivated me to go ahead and develop the course. I’m always in lookout for comments and feedbacks hence please drop me a line anytime which would be a big help for me.  Thank you for taking time to fill it up and send it back to me. Click here to write to me Comments/Reviews

As for this month’s summer delight, I would like to suggest a fun Cooling Hibiscus Iced tea after so much fun and gaiety around. Here’s how to make the lovely nutritive drink:

Cooling Hibiscus Iced Tea

1 or 2 lovely Hibiscus flowers or ½ cup Hibiscus powder

1 tablespoon Spearmint leaves

3/4 Butterpea flowers or 1 tablespoon Butterpea flower powder

2 or 3 whole Calendula flowers

½ Strawberries cut in half (optional)

Honey for taste

Mix all the ingredients in a big glass jar. Let sit in a sunny spot or on your dining table for 3-4 hours. Strain in tall glass jars, add ice cubes and have a cooling afternoon drink.

What the drink supports in our body: Very nutritive, Boosts liver health, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, good for GI tract, someone who has a lot of heat in the body, cooling for digestive system, Detoxifies body, Helps in weight loss, Relieve Stress, High in antioxidant, Promotes healthy and youthful skin, Hormonal balance in women & Helps in PMS as well as hot flashes in menopause.

*Precautions & Contraindications: Not suitable during pregnancy. Also not compatible for someone with very low pressure unless you opt out Hibiscus and add Rose petals.

If you haven’t joined or checked out our lovely supportive group in Facebook; please do join our group called Plant & Flower Therapy Group where you can share your passion, ideas and learn about plants and flowers and meet like minded friends.

I wish you a wonderful August filled with fun, sunshine & laughter!

Forget all troubles and be merry anyways 🙂 Happy August!

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