Pain Relief Herbal Oil

Pain Relief Herbal Oil An infusion of Dandelion flower oil, Comrey leaves oil & Spearmint leaves, the oil is used for support to bone health, nerves and muscle pain. The oil is meant for arthritic condition, osteoarthritis, gout, nerves related pain, muscle spasms and tired muscle pains, fractured tissues and nerves. Ingredients: organic sun infused … Continue reading Pain Relief Herbal Oil

Wild Rose Heart Potion

Wild Rose heart Potion A concoction of fresh wild roses, spring water, organic vegetable glycerine, wild rose heart potion is a sweet and gentle healer of heart and unresolved emotions. Rose contains both antioxidant and aphrodisiac properties hence mending both physical and emotional aspect in a human body. As an antioxidant, Rose support immunity health … Continue reading Wild Rose Heart Potion

Passionflower Elixir A sweet concoction of Passiflora incarnata Passionflowers, Raw honey & Ethanol, Passionflower Elixir supports in relieving stress, overthinking tendency, depressive symptoms and aids in sleeping. Mostly taken during evening time or before sleep, the elixir calms overactive mind, relieves pain (emotional and physical), anxiety and supports nervous system health. The elixir alone is a powerful … Continue reading