Holistic health

The holistic approach to health is contrary to the conventional medical system which focuses on individual symptoms and its treatment. The holistic approach looks at the bigger picture and supports overall system. It recognizes the interconnection in our body system. For example; a headache could be caused by issues of digestion, cold, diet, environmental factors… Continue reading Holistic health


We are business partners with Onetreeplanted, a non profit organization which plants trees all over the world, in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Each of your purchase goes on reforestation program with, our business partner. One purchase = One tree plantation.   We are proud business member of Herbalists without Borders a… Continue reading Partners


  Sejal Apothecary came as a result of numerous ongoing research and study on the field of herbalism and medicine making for years. My name is Prerna Sejal (G). and I am an herbalist/ medicine woman, yogini and a writer. I've always been fascinated and felt a deep connection with nature, trees, water and plants… Continue reading About