Tulsi Tincture

Temperate_tulsi_flatsTulsi/ Holy Basil leaves and flowers have been used in healing and rejuvenation since ages. In Ayurveda, Tulsi is regarded as one of the top Rasayana and Sattvic herbs ~ herbs that rejuvenates, brings balance and harmony and ‘Sattvic’ means pure, almost holy.

No wonder since Tulsi has been spread all over in East and West, we recognize her multi benefits. Tulsi is now regarded in Western Herablism as one of the Adaptogen herbs. The most amazing thing about adaptogen herbs is, they adapt to our body system and combines mostly with any herbs and used for support in various conditions. Adaptogen herbs were first conceived by Nikolai Lazarev who discovered certain class of herbs that allows an organism to increase resistance to physical, chemical or biological stressors, thus allowing the organism to adapt to the conditions brought about by the stressors. Adaptogen herbs can be used for any duration of time, short to long period and some are even used as tonic herbs.


Tulsi herbs are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, anti-depressant, alterative, anxiolytic, cardio tonic, carminative, demulcent, immunomodulator, nervine, radioprotective, analgesic, expectorant.

Taken solely as tea, tincture or capsules for dietary supplements or in combination with other herbs is safe. Tulsi herbs balance our body’s hormones, blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, provides immunity, good digestion, releases stress and anxiety, cleanses blood and overall safe to use for children and adults.

Precautions & Contraindications: Tulsi herbs are safe for children to adults but pregnant women are advised not to use or use in very moderate dosage. Always do consult with your doctor whatever your health condition is.

Dosage: 2-4 droppersful (4-5ml)/ 1/2 tsp 2-3 times a day. A child’s dosage is 1/2 of an adult dosage.

Ingredients: Tulsi leaves and flowers Ocimum tenuiflorum extraction with Apple Cider Vinegar

Tulsi Tincture

Available in 2 oz glass droppers bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping +tax.



Cold & Flu Relief Elixir

downloadA concoction of Elderberries, Echinacea root and leaves, honey and alcohol, this brew is especially made to support and counteract with cold and flu viruses.

Echinacea is an immuno-stimulating herb that targets at warding off the virus. Elderberry is again an immune tonic which supports in warding off viruses and also immunizing our body. Honey makes it even potent as honey is both antioxidant and immune building.

Taken on the first symptom of cold and flu, works quickly in warding off the viruses.


Dosage: 3-4 droppersful (approx. 4-5 ml)/ 1/2tsp every 4 hours. Gradually decrease the dosage when the symptoms start vanishing. Child dosage is 1/2 of an adult dosage.


Safety & Precautions: Echinacea and Elderberry are safe to use for children and adults. But as Echinacea is an immune stimulating herb, do not use after 2 weeks of continued use. If you have to use, usually a rest period of 3-4 weeks is required for a body before usage of an immune stimulating herbs. Pregnant women are advised not to use. Safe to use for childred above 2 years old.

Direction of use: Dilute in a cup of warm water and drink straight.

Ingredients: Echinacea Roots & leaves (Echinacea purpurea), Elderberries (Sambucus spp.), 65% Ethanol extraction of 40 Prof organic Grape Alcohol (Dilution of 40% alcohol, 60% distilled water), 35% Wildflower honey

Cold & Flu Relief Elixir

Available in 2 oz glass dropper bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping & tax.



Workshop on: Winter Wellness & Care


Namaste dear hearts!

Time has come once again when we move from warm summer days to cold winter days. But all is not sad and grimy, winter can be loads of fun and we can stay warm and protected with herbal allies and fun herbal drinks to uplift tired moods!

The special 2.5 workshop on Winter Care & Wellness will allow you to understand our body system’s interrelation with nature, how understanding nature helps us to know and understand our body systems; how we can make fun and easy drinks and food that heals and rejuvenates as well as immunizes your body against harmful pathogens and cold viruses.


When we understand our body better and how it functions, we can immunize and stay strong as well as cheerful during cold dark days.
There will be learning about nature and our body system’s cycle, how they work and correlate with each other, Immunity booster herbs, herbs that protects against cold and flu, loads of winter care recipes, learning to make special Cold & Flu relief Drops and herbal bath as added holiday special!

It will be fun, interactive, learning workshop based on a casual home based apothecary! Plant enthusiasts, organic food lovers, holistic lifestyle seekers, alternative wellness seekers, herbalists, herbal medicine enthusiasts are all welcome!! 

Please click  here to register for class or email me at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com

We are located San Francisco east bay area!

Stay warm and blessed.

Winter Care

pexels-photo-463405.jpegWe’re approaching winter now. As the fall season wrap up for the year, we experience chilly nights and cold days. The extent of cold depends upon the place we are in. Some experience very cold and some only little cold. Somewhere it rains and somewhere it snows.

I grew up in Kathmandu in exactly similar winter to California though we didn’t have rain over there in wintertime. But similar to here, cold chilly nights, slightly warm sunny daytime. But whatever the extent of cold there is, winter is cold! Also, cold brings another kind of weather to our body. We suddenly need to adjust to cold and hence immunity strengthening herbs are very handy as well as vital. When our body’s immunity system is strong, we are less susceptible to outward cold and flu viruses.

Easy said than done, it’s really a good compromise to stock our kitchen and apothecary with herbal allies. The winter herbs or the immunity boosting herbs once again are garlic, ginger, ashwagandha, astragalus, chaga, shitake, eleuthero, licorice, reishi mushroom, thyme, tulsi, chamomile, calendula, rose, rosehips, turmeric, cinnamon, basil, parsley, red paprika, mint. Most of these are culinary or tonic herbs so it’s easy to add in soups, broths, salads; make pesto sauce, chutney, infusions or take as tinctures. The medicinal herbs like Echinacea, Elderberry, Ginger, lemon balm, Anise hyssop, bee balm and lemon wards off against cold and flu viruses so it’s usually a good idea to take them on the first onsite of flu for quick recovery. Turmeric is an antioxidant and a strong immunity builder so taking turmeric regularly whether as tea or a pinch of powder added in warm milk serves the purpose. Honey again is a strong immunity booster and we can take honey frequently in tea or coffee; as herbal honey spread in our toast.

In Ayurveda, ghee is one way to nourish our body and boost immunity. There is also a very supportive therapy of using herbal ghee, ghee cooked in herbs which we can substitute for cooking oil or added in coffee.


Children will love chamomile tea, calendula, lemon balm glycerite, rose honey, elderberry syrup and anise hyssop in combination with lemon balm or chamomile glycerite or herbal infusion added with honey.

Using these immunity supporting and immunity boosting herbs is a great way to prepare our body during winter days. Also eating loads of vitamin C (found in rosehips and oranges), fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and fish are great way to strengthen our body.

Be sure to check in to my website for winter care specialties & surprises!

Warm winter days! Cinnamon & spicy chai



Herbal Workshop

Do you want me to come and give classes or workshop on herbalism and herbal products in your center or area? If so, then please email me at: sejalapothecary@gmail.com. Price is negotiable and it can be 30 mins to full day workshop. 

Thank you,


Backyard Medicinal Herbal Workshop

Herbal Workshop on Backyard Medicinal Herbs will be a 2.5 Hours workshop where I will introduce you to simple and easy ‘to grow and use’ herbs from our own backyard. The course will also cover ”simple to make” herbal formulas like infusions and tincture making. A ‘self-love potion’ a strong autumn & winter ally will be on the making by the other half of the coursework.
If you love plant and flower remedies, love holistic approach towards life and support organic food and supplements, then this workshop is for you. The setting will be casual, plant lovers, wellness enthusiasts, positive vibration, in home based surrounding with easy to access backyard herbs.

To reserve your spot and for more details, visit Herbal Workshop

Namaste dear hearts! See you here 🙂 


Autumn is here

pexels-photo-756903.jpegFall is the time of year when the first leaf starts dropping. Days slowly start getting shorter and nights cooler. There is a bit of nostalgia like, ‘coming home’ smell in the air. Like even the season is preparing itself to rest. After long hot summer months, we kind of look forward to autumn days, like a rest from all the fun. Yet, there is a hurried preparedness in the air, preparation for winter days.

This season also has a magical air to it, cooler yet warming up with hot drinks. Nature prepares to sleep and birds start their migration.

One of my favorite season is autumn. Nice days, cooler evenings, warm cinnamon lattes and chais, ginger breads and cookies and brown leaves adding color to our gardens. Marigolds and Daffodils appear, tiny apples start growing, pumpkin pies and apple ciders are fresh treats.

What gorgeous way to finish off a year! Autumn like spring is also a transitional time ~ a time to prepare our body. Just like spring is a transitional time for summer, autumn too is a transitional time for winter. Just as nature, our body too prepares itself for long cold winter days. The plants and fruits grown in autumn are meant to support our body for cold winter. Dandelions appear one last time for the year for detoxification. Herbs like parsley, sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Lavender, Mint, Garlic chives, Lemon balm grow during autumn season and supports our body in this transitional season.

Pumpkin soups, Squash, cinnamons and gingers are loved during autumn. Soups are popular for warming and strengthening or immunizing our body. Herbs fresh or dried can be added like oregans, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, mint and garlic chives.

Fall is a time of harvest in many cultures and communities with their own traditional way of celebration. Many popular festivals like Thanksgiving, Diwali, Halloween and other harvest festivals appear in this season.

Hope you have a wonderful fall season filled with delights!