Backyard Medicinal Herbal Workshop

Herbal Workshop on Backyard Medicinal Herbs will be a 2.5 Hours workshop where I will introduce you to simple and easy ‘to grow and use’ herbs from our own backyard. The course will also cover ”simple to make” herbal formulas like infusions and tincture making. A ‘self-love potion’ a strong autumn & winter ally will be on the making by the other half of the coursework.
If you love plant and flower remedies, love holistic approach towards life and support organic food and supplements, then this workshop is for you. The setting will be casual, plant lovers, wellness enthusiasts, positive vibration, in home based surrounding with easy to access backyard herbs.

To reserve your spot and for more details, visit Herbal Workshop

Namaste dear hearts! See you here 🙂 


Autumn is here

pexels-photo-756903.jpegFall is the time of year when the first leaf starts dropping. Days slowly start getting shorter and nights cooler. There is a bit of nostalgia like, ‘coming home’ smell in the air. Like even the season is preparing itself to rest. After long hot summer months, we kind of look forward to autumn days, like a rest from all the fun. Yet, there is a hurried preparedness in the air, preparation for winter days.

This season also has a magical air to it, cooler yet warming up with hot drinks. Nature prepares to sleep and birds start their migration.

One of my favorite season is autumn. Nice days, cooler evenings, warm cinnamon lattes and chais, ginger breads and cookies and brown leaves adding color to our gardens. Marigolds and Daffodils appear, tiny apples start growing, pumpkin pies and apple ciders are fresh treats.

What gorgeous way to finish off a year! Autumn like spring is also a transitional time ~ a time to prepare our body. Just like spring is a transitional time for summer, autumn too is a transitional time for winter. Just as nature, our body too prepares itself for long cold winter days. The plants and fruits grown in autumn are meant to support our body for cold winter. Dandelions appear one last time for the year for detoxification. Herbs like parsley, sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Cilantro, Lavender, Mint, Garlic chives, Lemon balm grow during autumn season and supports our body in this transitional season.

Pumpkin soups, Squash, cinnamons and gingers are loved during autumn. Soups are popular for warming and strengthening or immunizing our body. Herbs fresh or dried can be added like oregans, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, mint and garlic chives.

Fall is a time of harvest in many cultures and communities with their own traditional way of celebration. Many popular festivals like Thanksgiving, Diwali, Halloween and other harvest festivals appear in this season.

Hope you have a wonderful fall season filled with delights!


Rose Neroli

Rose Neroli 1Rose Neroli flower water is a sweet soft concoction which gently awakens the senses towards love and beauty. Roses have long been used in healing emotions and issues related to heart. Rose is a heart opener in a sense that the constituents in rose is calming to senses and promotes feeling of peace, love and joy. Neroli flowers are the sweet charming blossoms that takes your breath away into a land of never forgotten bliss & joy 🙂 



ciaua-fl_web_5Used both as an aphrodisiac and healing herb, Rose has many beneficial properties as they are loaded with antioxidant, antiseptic as well as vitamin C. Rose is profoundly healing, age old wisdom flower, a symbol of love and eternal romance who is a gentle nurturer of heart and issues related to emotions. Sweet aroma of delectable Nerolis with Rose water is an uplifting sensation of a once forgotten world of love & beauty. 



Ingredients: organic Rosa spp. Rose petals, Citrus aurantium (Neroli essential oil), Distilled water 50%, Ethanol 50% (for preservation)


*All organic, natural, non GMO ingredients, no artificial fragrance or chemicals used, essential is of therapeutic grade.

Rose Neroli 0

Directions of use: Gently spray all over the body, writsts, back of ear, heart chakra, around your aura, the special moments or whenever you need to uplift yourself and bring that lost magic in your life!

Rose Neroli

60 ml frosted Glass Spray bottle. (Price inclusive of shipping & tax).



Avena sativa Elixir

f48b7ad79e3a46495885f2687c94e6a6.jpgAvena sativa or Milky Oats top is also known as nerve food. Deeply nutritive, nerves restoring (calming as well as strengthening nervous system), Milky oats is a nervine ~ calming, de-stressing, anti-anxiety and nutrient rich herb.

The top of the oats which consist of milk is used for medicinal purpose. Beside a nerve restorative herb, milky oats top is also loaded with  minerals like calcium, chlorium, magnesium and silica.1

Ingredients: Avena sativa (Milky Oats top), 60% ethanol extraction of Grain Alcohol, 40% Raw Honey. Made in Sejal Apothecary with organic, non GMO herbs & ingredients. The extract is good for 2 years from date of manufacture. Not recommended for pregnant women & children below 4 years. (Child dosage is always half of adult dosage and should be diluted in hot water first because of ethanol content).

Directions of use: 2-3 dropperful (1 dropperful=3 ml) * 3 times a day in a cup of water, fresh juice or herbal tea. For deep healing of nerves, it is advisable safe and beneficial to use long term.


Avena sativa Elixir

2 Oz sun protected dropper glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping + tax. Good for 2 years from date of manufacture.




Herbal Consultation

Herbal consultation is an understanding that we have been forever connected to the healing energies of plants.


Plant and nature has the same affinity to regeneration as the cells in our body. Each cell and tissue in our body is capable to regenerate in it’s own or with the help of certain medicinal plants. Plants and herbal science has amazing recovery and stories of complete recovery and regeneration. This usually happens due to regeneration and repair of cells and tissues.

Compared to pharmaceutical drugs which is intended to cure, treat or numb certain senses, which are mostly effective as long as you take the drugs, with many side effects of the chemical reaction in our body; Herbalism is connected to the plant and flower medicine which is used for recovery and regeneration of cells on a deeper level. That is why miracle stories have appeared where complete recovery from an illness or certain condition has been possible with lot of faith in healing power of plants. 


Herbalism is a science where healing and restoration is dependent upon your own belief in plant medicine, your willingness to trust in natural remedy as well as diet intake; where you understand that instead of only ‘quick fix solution’, there is a natural process or route that our body follows in order to recover, heal or rejuvenate. Herbalism is also a part of Holistic lifestyle hence diet, lifestyle, exercise/ yoga are equally important in a balanced lifestyle.

There are many actions and benefits of a single herb. What an Herbalist usually does is, advise about certain herbs and combination of herbs for particular problem or provide consultation about herbs, dietary plan and lifestyle as per the list of medicinal herbs safe to use (which have already been tried, tested and used) as alternative solutions to treatment. I do consultation on person (with appointments only), phone, skype, through contact form below or by email: (I respond to emails according to the dates I receive them in order)


*I’m an Herbalist and have knowledge about plants and their uses/ benefits for specific purpose as studied/trained in my herbal schools, numerous research study, tests and (my own experience) as well as intuitive knowledge gained through plant wisdom. I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not certified to diagnose or treat any disease. If you’re currently taking any pharmaceutical drugs then please be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements whether you buy through me or other stores. 

If you’re pregnant then there are restrictions on various medicinal herbs but I can give consultations for which herbs to use, how to use external herbs safely, what holistic lifestyle/ approach can make things better, calmer and smoother for you.




Nectar of Rose/ Rose Herbal Extract

60084820_420427065352642_2974782043851849728_nRose has been used for centuries for health & skin care. Rose herbal extractions have multiple benefits. Rose consists of antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, aphrodisiac properties and a rich source of vitamins. Rose is calming to mind and senses, helps in digestive system, balancing hormones, good blood circulation, provides immunity support, cardiovascular support, inflammatory conditions as well as healing emotional issues like depression, grief and loss.

rose-4213115_960_720Rose herbal extracts have found to be profoundly healing and beneficial when taken during periods of grief and loneliness. Rose stands for symbol of love & beauty. Rose has been long been used as an aphrodisiac herb and taking rose extract frequently promotes love, peace, calmness, inner joy & positive energy.  Herbal liquid extracts can be taken directly on tongue or can be diluted in cup of water, juice or herbal tea. Rose herbal extracts can also be added on food, drinks for rejuvenating health and enhancement. The taste of rose extracts especially when it’s extracted in vegetable glycerine is heavenly which I fondly like to call ‘Nectar of Rose’. 

Ingredients: Rosa spp. (organic rose petals & buds), organic Vegetable Glycerine (70%), spring water(30%)

Direction of use: 2-3 dropperful (1 dropperful=2/3 ml) directly on  tongue or diluted in a glass of water, juice or herbal tea 3 times a day for full benefit.

Suitable for age 4+(Child dosage is usually half of an adult dosage). A 50 lbs child can only have 1 dropperful twice a day.


Nectar of Rose/ Rose Herbal Extract

Available in 2 oz sun protected dropper glass bottle. Price is inclusive of shipping & tax.