Spearmint Leaves Extract

Spearmint leaves extract Spearmint leaves is an antioxidant, high in minerals and consists of vital nutrients. Helps in alleviating symptoms of indigestion, gastritis, nausea, vomiting, toothache, headache & sore throat. When applied externally, helps reduce swelling due to nerve and muscle pains. Ingredients: Organic spearmint leaves, Ethanol extraction (65%)         Recommended dosage: 3 dropperful … Continue reading Spearmint Leaves Extract

Feverfew leaves Extract

Feverfew leaves liquid extract~ Chrysanthemum parthenium or Feverfew leaves are used during inflaming condition of body & skin. The plant is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, emmenagogue & cardiotonic. Feverfew was used in the medieval times as herbal aspirin so it's not a good idea to use feverfew if you're actually taking an aspirin. As the name suggests, … Continue reading Feverfew leaves Extract

Pain Relief Herbal Oil

Pain Relief Herbal Oil An infusion of Dandelion flower oil, Comrey leaves oil & Spearmint leaves, the oil is used for support to bone health, nerves and muscle pain. The oil is meant for arthritic condition, osteoarthritis, gout, nerves related pain, muscle spasms and tired muscle pains, fractured tissues and nerves. Ingredients: organic sun infused … Continue reading Pain Relief Herbal Oil