Eucalyptus Chamomile herbal steam

Eucalyptus Chamomile Herbal Steam ~ Eucalyptus leaves and Chamomile flowers are two powerful antioxidant herbs that support during sinus, nasal congestion, cold, cough & allergies, headaches related to sinus, cold & nervous system, breathing easily and all issues related to upper respiratory health. Chamomile flowers have also been used during cold, sinus & headache relief. … Continue reading Eucalyptus Chamomile herbal steam

Calendula Lavender Salve

Beautiful smelling, relaxing Calendula flower butter is made with sun infused Calendula flower oil, organic Shea butter, organic beeswax drops of Lavender essential oil & Vitamin E oil.  Calendula flower is soothing to the skin, rejuvenates cell properties, healing, repairing skin tissues. The butter deeply soothes, nourishes & hydrates skin.   Directions of use: Apply … Continue reading Calendula Lavender Salve

Rosemary Herbal Oil

Rosemary is a sweet mild analgesic which relieves headache when massaged gently on the scalp. Used regularly as herbal hair oil, it helps in stimulating hair growth and nourishing dry, itchy scalp preventing dandruff. Having anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties, rosemary is also a neuro protective herb and used for increasing memory. Used as … Continue reading Rosemary Herbal Oil