Flower Essences

Rose Flower Essence

Rose flower essence calms, nurtures, harmonize and promotes feelings of joy and beauty. Rose is the healer of heart hence she heals emotional issues and any imbalance in a profound level. Flower essence usually heals in a subtle manner though you may notice harmony and peace instantly upon taking the essence. Rose flower essence also aids in peaceful, gentle sleep and may also heal during sleep and dream time for some. Works very well in conjunction with hawthorn tincture, rose tincture, herbal teas and all by itself as well. Dosage: 3-4 drops directly on a tongue, glass of water, juice or herbal tea. Please do not exceed 30 drops per day. Ingredients: Rose flower essence, Spring Water 75%, Grain Alcohol 25% 1/2 oz dropper bottle CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK


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