A Course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence


Learning how to connect with the energy of healing flowers, understand and decipher their messages through intuition, learn to do flower meditation, understand the various healing flowers and their therapeutic benefits for body, mind and soul plus learn how to make flower essence- an alchemy of heart and soul medicine.


-By Prerna Sejal
Herbalist & Flower Therapist

This course on Flower Intuition and Flower Essence will help you awaken to the earth’s first healers ~ a world of miracle healing with flowers. In this course, you will learn about the energetics of flowers, learn how to receive their healing messages and guidance through intuitive understanding. You will learn various therapeutic benefits of flowers whether home grown or from the wild for body, mind and spirit wellness. You will also learn how to make flower essence at your own home. Click here to understand about Flower Essence.

Click below the video to learn about what to expect in the course.


You can learn the course with my video course as well as download PDF booklet for each module. The best way to learn the course would be to do each module in your own time though I would suggest finishing in one month is a good time frame. But take your time as some people require more time than others. You are free to watch the videos or read the booklets in your own time. Once you purchase the course, it’s yours forever and you have PDF booklets with beautiful healing pictures of flowers that you can download and read at leisure. 

You will also get a list of healing flowers with scientific names used in flower essence making for various health and wellness purposes at the end of the course in module 8.

What you can achieve from this course? You will have a healing journey with flowers, learn to understand their healing messages, therapeutic benefits, energetics and have a profound connection with them. You will also be able to receive their direct guidance while making flower essence. You can make flower essence for yourself, for your loved ones or incorporate in your herbal business.

Once you finish the course, you will also get beautiful certificate which you can hang in your home space or business or on your social media platforms.

Welcome to the world of miracle healing with flowers. I wish you all the joy and peace dear heart!





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