Wild Rose Heart Potion

A concoction of wild roses, spring water, organic vegetable glycerine & lots of love ☺ Wild Rose Heart potion is a sweet & gentle healer of heart & emotional issues. Roses are eternal gentle aphrodisiac which induces happy hormones, alleviates sadness & depression, calming to nerves & senses reducing anxieties, uplifting energies- bringing positive joyful energy! Plus they taste the sweetest fragrant rose elixir ever 💕🌹Roses are antioxidant hence they also support in immunity health and allergies. Direction of use: 2-3 dropper full directly on tongue or diluted in a glass of water or herbal tea whenever needed (best result is 3* a day) Available now in apothecary in 1 oz & 2 oz bottle. Cost of 1 oz bottle is $12 & 2 oz bottle is $16. (Price is inclusive of shipping + tax)


Love Aroma Spray

Love Aroma Spray creates warmth, love, nurturing & care. Made with infusion of aromatic Damask Roses, Jasmine flower water, Rosewood essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Rose flower essence and alcohol (for preservation). Rose is a nervine and an aphrodisiac which soothes nerves, relaxes tired muscles and gently stimulates happy hormones. Aromatic fragrance of Jasmine is known for delighting senses sweetly, bringing joy & creating positive energy. Jasmine is an aphrodisiac and sedative calming, arousing as well as gently stimulates senses at the same time. Spray all over the body or on wrists, back of ears, heart chakras, aura and even living space whenever you feel like and you can connect with the energy or rose and jasmine. Damask roses are organic from my garden, Jasmine flowers are wild crafted, essential oils are all organic and of therapeutic grade. Available in 1 oz bottle. Cost is inclusive of shipping & tax.


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